How to: Fund your cash account

Bell Direct
July 30, 2020

Think of your cash account as your ‘trading bank account’ – the money you deposit into your Bell Direct cash account is used to both place and fund your trades. In this instalment of our How to: Demo Series, Jess walks you through the 2 ways in which you can fund your cash account, as well as how to check on the available funds in your cash account.

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Hi I’m Jessica Amir, a market analyst with Bell Direct.

Today we’re going to learn how to transfer money into your account, which is basically your Bell Direct cash trust before you place a trade.

When you log in to your account, simply click ‘my account’ then scroll down to this page to trading account information.

You can deposit funds two ways: firstly BPay and secondly electronic funds transfer.

For BPay, just note down the biller code 253 104 and your BPay reference number.

For electronic funds transfer, Bell Direct’s BSB is here, 013 986 and your account number is here.

Once you have those details, go to your bank account and transfer the funds that you need either via BPAY or electronic funds transfer.

Then your funds will appear in your Bell Cash Trust the next business day, provided that you made the transfer before your bank’s cut off time for that day.

So depending on your bank’s cutoff time, the funds will be transferred into your Bell Direct Cash Trust and you’ll see your available funds via portfolio and reporting tab, then click portfolio and you can see your funds here.

Or you can check your available funds when you want to place a trade in the available funds box.

For ideas on stocks or what listed investments to buy head to Bell Direct’s ‘How To’ series.

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